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I began building custom fishing rods in 1999. Since then my product has evolved in to something I am extreemely proud of. I have discovered over the years that a quality rod blank is the solid foundation your rod is built upon and it will greatly affect how well you can "feel" what goes on below the surface of the water. That is why I choose to use North Fork Composites rod blanks for the majority of my builds. They are made in the USA and are without a doubt the most sensitive rod blanks available. What has changed the game however in recent years are the components available to us as anglers to enhance the feel and sensitivity of these already fantastic graphite rods. Guides and handle choices are a critical part of what you will feel when that fish decides to bite your lure. Slim profile graphite handle systems, and ultra low profile micro guides keep both the line, and your hand closer to the blank itself, greatly increasing sensitivity. Simply put, the more mass both in guide weight and handle materials you put on the rod blank, the more it decreases sensitivity. I see so many handle systems on modern rods from all of the big manufacturers with rubberized cork, neoprene skin, rubber trim pieces, metal trim pieces etc. All of this stuff looks really nice but it all adds WEIGHT! My handles are the lightest available and they are sleek, smooth and comfortable. Now on to the guides. Remember when the first guide from your reel on a spinning rod was like the diameter of a golf ball? Me too. Talk about extra weight, and it still amazes me how many manufacturers are using these bulky heavyweight guides on their rods. The set of guides

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truly weighs more than the rod itself. I use fuji K series narrow frame guides along with micro guides to shed mass amounts of wieght from the finished product. The difference is truly incredible. Premium lightweight components, world class rod blanks, customized options, and meticulous craftsmanship all add up to one thing; A Kraemer Custom Rod. And the winner is YOU!