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Kraemer Custom Ice Rods

I approach my Ice rods no different than my open water rods. No compromise, hand built, light as a feather, all without breaking the bank. Sleek and slim graphite handles are standard, cork grips are also available at your request. I use a smaller version of a rapid reduction guide system for the Ice rods as well, which sheds weight as well as Ice build up. So from ultra lite panfish to heavy pike or lake trout, take your ice fishing game up a notch with a KCR! Ice Strong titanium spring bobbers are also available to be temporarily or permanently attached. All KCR ice rods Are $79.99. (Ice strong spring bobbers add $10) Free personalization on all Ice rods as well. Your name or message will be on the reel seat of the Ice Rods.

KCR Ice Models

➤ Six Shooter-26” ultra light Power noodle, ideal for all micro and small panfish jigs
➤ All Star-31” light Fast, panfish and walleye, a local favorite for small spoons and jigs
➤ All Star-36” light X-fast panfish/walleye fantastic hole hopper for small spoons and jigs
➤ Rap Scrapper-30” Solid carbon Jigging rap extrodianaire
➤ Rap Scrapper-36” Solid carbon Jigging rap specialist (hole hopper)
➤ Six Shooter Magnum-33” ultra lite power noodle Ideal hole hopper with micro jigs and spoons Wall-banger-32” Medium light fast solid carbon, Small jigging raps and spoons