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Fishing Rod Repairs & Modifications

I also offer a variety of repair services. Please note that on a rod where the blank is physically broken or cracked, it cannot be repaired. Things I will gladly repair however are: bent or broken guides, loose handles or reel seats, loose or broken tip tops.

Popular Modifications I perform are:

➤ Handle extensions (especially on musky rods)
➤ New reel seats and handles
➤ New guides or guide wraps.

Common Repair Price List

➤ Tip replacement: $10.00
➤ Guide replacement: $20.00 per single foot guide
➤ Guide replacement: $25.00 per double foot guide
➤ Repair loose reel seat: $25.00
➤ New handle and reel seat: $40.00-$60.00
➤ Handle extensions: $50.00 for Musky Rods $40.00 for most others

If there is something you need repaired and you don't see it on the lise feel free to call or email with questions. Please note that you will have to pay shipping charges on any rod repair.

Custom Fishing Rod Repairs and Modifications Wisconsin

Testimonials from our customers

“When I go to the lake I always have my Kraemer rods. They are the best rods made period. They are also the best looking rods in the catch photos!” - Eric Wolfgram in Allenton, Wisconsin

“KCR rods are a dream to fish with. They are custom made for the tecniques I use to chase walleyes in changing situations. The craftsmanship and detailed finish are second to none. Whether its landing the money fish in a tournament, or a day on the lake with the family, KCR's put more fish in my boat.” - Chris Waala in West Bend, Wisconsin

“I have been using my Erik Kraemer built walleye rod for 11 years now. Exquisite craftsmanship and tailored to my fishing style. Whether tossing jigs, crankbaits or dragging live bait rigs it works perfectly. The first rod out of the rod locker every time.” - Jim from Minnesota