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My name is Erik Kraemer, I am the owner and founder of Kraemer Custom Rods. Fishing is more than a hobby or a sport to me, it is in my blood. It was a passion that was fueled by my father and my great uncle from young on. I can not thank them enough for taking me fishing. What is it about fishing that is so intoxicating? I am not sure if there is a simple answer to that question. Maybe it is the challenge, or the unknown. Maybe it is the way your cares disappear. How about watching a youngster reel in there first fish? I would say all of the above and more. A big part of fishing is also the company you keep along side you in the boat. Life long bonds are formed on the water, sharing a boat with friends or loved ones is a special experience to me and I know it is to all of you as well. Catching fish is so much fun and even an adrenaline rush at times, but is it as special of a moment when you have a great day of fishing by yourself? No way. Days on the water with friends and loved ones are truly remembered for the rest of your life. Was there anything better when you were a kid than getting to go fishing with your Dad? Not for me there wasn't. Never was I more excited than when I knew I was going fishing the next day as a kid. So call me a kid, call me what you want but to this day I am still giddy like a child when I get to to fishing! Now I have to thank my Dad, Bill Kraemer for taking me fishing. I also owe a great deal of thanks to my Great uncle, Paul Stier(better known as Butch) for taking the time to teach me this craft. He taught me how to build rods back in the late 1990's when I was in high school. Uncle Butch began building his own rods back in the 1970's for his Canadian fishing adventures. I guess you could say that my Uncle Butch was kind of a local legend in our home town of West Bend, WI. Both for his skills as an angler, and his hand crafted beautiful fishing rods. He taught me that there is only one way to build fishing rods, the right way. No compromises. You never know what the person you built that rod for may hook in to!

This passion I have for fishing carries in to my passion to build rods that will absolutely be the lightest most sensitve rods you can put in your hands. To give you the angler an extra edge in your quest for your trophy. So whether your trophy is a meal of bluegills for your family, or a 50 plus inch musky to hang above your mantle, or anything in between you have come to the right place.

Freshwater Fishing Rods

I specialize in freshwater rods for panfish, walleye, bass, pike, trout and salmon, and musky. I also build custom fly rods. When it comes to a custom rod the possibilities are endless, if you have your own Ideas on what you want or need I am all ears. If you need help deciding on a rod for a particular application I have a vast selection of rods to choose from and I will gladly help you select the rod that suits your needs. I also do a lot of custom rods for resorts, lodges and other businesses with their logo and colors of their choosing on the rod. Businesses have used them for promotional Items or gifts for clients and employees, resorts and lodges use them to sell in their tackle shops or to have their guides use them as well.

Built right here in the U.S.A.

My rods are hand built one at a time right here in the USA, using quality components that few other rod manufacturers use. My pricing is very competitive, in many cases meeting or beating big box store pricing on high quality rods, and you get to have a hand in designing it. I also can personalize any rod with your name, a short message or nick name for no additional cost. I take great pride in the craftsmanship of my products, and would consider it an honor to build your next fishing rod!