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My mission is to provide the highest quality, most sensitive rods money can buy to anglers of all skill levels.

My rods are hand built one at a time right here in the USA, using quality components that few other rod manufacturers use. My pricing is very competitive, in many cases meeting or beating big box store pricing on high quality rods, and you get to have a hand in designing it. I also can personalize any rod with your name, a short message or nick name for no additional cost. I take great pride in the craftsmanship of my products, and would consider it an honor to build your next fishing rod!


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Tyler Trampe, VP Canadian Operations / Cliff Lake Corp.
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“As a fishing guide, and resort owner, every fish counts and frankly, my customers expect to be put on fish. In my line of work you just cannot settle for second best. I have to make every cast count -- my reputation depends on it. So I make them count with Kraemer Custom Rods! The first time I picked up a Kraemer Custom I felt the difference ... From butt to tip you will not find a fishing rod on the market that compares to KCR’s sensitivity, dependability, style, comfort and price. Erik builds all of my rods with the most premium components available in the fishing world to meet my specific presentations and tactics.”

“Whether it’s slip bobbers for bluegills, jigging for walleyes or casting double 10’s for skies you will not find a better stick – period! Erik truly understands the importance of your time on the water and owning a Kraemer Custom Rod will dramatically change your experience - I guarantee it. Why just go fishing when you can catch’em on a Kraemer Custom!”